Friday, February 16, 2007

Relocation of Indonesia's capital

As I indicated in previous post, the need of relocating Indonesia's capital out of Jakarta is not only triggered by the recent flood. There are some other reasons that lead to the idea of Indonesia's capital relocation. Below I provide two links, an article by my fellow Wilmar Salim and a piece of news from Kompas back on May 20, 2006.

The Jakarta Post - The Journal of Indonesia Today

Ibu Kota Diusulkan Pindah - Sabtu, 20 Mei 2006

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Relocation Sugarland said...

i was looking for info about this everywhere and was not available to find any. As i had just about to relocate to jakarta from sugarland in 3 months with my family. ANyway, the cost of developing the new capital city and relocating all functions related to the state administration out of Jakarta would be up in the sky you think that indonesia will be able to do this?